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Online Courses

My courses are offered in association with Bryan Peterson's online school at www.bpsop.com:

The Art of Printing Your Art.
A two-week introductory course in fine-art printing with ink-jet printers. This course is designed to get you up and running with a proper colour managed work-flow so that what you see emerging from your printer is what you see on your monitor. Topics include calibrating and profiling your monitor, creating a colour managed workflow, the use of output profiles and soft-proofing, sharpening your images and sizing for output with resolution appropriate to the size of your print.

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After the Click - Refining Your Vision in Lightroom Classic
This four-week course is a really deep-dive into the Develop module of Lightroom or Camera Raw. Taking a different approach than what is typically offered, we look at the adjustment controls in Lightroom as tools for refining and clarifying your photographic message; your intention for each image. We investigate the idea of visual weight and how it can be used to strengthen what you are trying to say photographically. Lot's of real world examples, downloadable raw files to follow along with the discussions and accompanying videos.

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